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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” - Mark Twain

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Are You Tired of Telling Yourself
"Wait Until Next Year?"

I used to hate the month of February.

I shouldn’t have. There are so many great things that happen in the month of February, including the birthday of my first-born. It should have been a month to celebrate, but instead…

Just a month into the “New” Year I was usually depressed, discouraged and wondering if I was ever going to taste the elusive success I craved.

Like many people, I usually began each year with big expectations that this was finally going to be the year when things were different than past years.

This was going to be the year that I really had my breakthrough. That I earned the kind of money that I knew I was worth. Lived in my dream home (definitely on the water). Vacationed in the glorious spots around the world that I’d fallen in love with when I saw them in magazines and movies. Secured my family’s financial future for several generations.

I’d start thinking about the coming year sometime in December, and occasionally even as early as November. Quite a few years I even had what I thought was a pretty good plan on how I was going to achieve all those goals.

By the time that January 1st rolled around I was biting at the bit and fired up to get started. I was like the sprinter on the start line waiting for the starter to fire the pistol.

And many years I even came out of the blocks like a world-champion sprinter. Blasting off the start line I’d get off to a great start and, feeling the wind rushing by, I knew this was going to be the year. Oh, how great it felt….


Suddenly, out of nowhere appeared a brick wall and I crashed into it at full speed. Laying dazed on the ground, with all my broken goals laying around me, I struggled to make sense of what had happened…and WHY?

Some years it was unexpected problems in my personal life that created the brick wall. Other years it was business challenges. One year it was a nasty visit from the IRS. And for some reason I couldn’t explain at the time, sometimes it was plain procrastination.

Regardless of the excuse, the result was always the same. I could never get back on track. The great enthusiasm that I’d had for my goals was gone.

The most I could mount was a half-hearted effort and I was soon back into my rut (what a terrible place to live!).

So by the time February rolled around every year my bright and shining goals that I started the year with were tarnished and tattered.

As I came to realize what had happened and that I found myself right back where I had started, about the best I could muster was a meek “wait until next year. It’ll be different…next year.”

No wonder I hated February.

It took me more than 20 years of trial and error (lots of error) before I “found my way out of the desert.” Since then, I’ve worked with thousands of people who were just like me, and I’ve been able to show them that…

There Are Only a Handful of Reasons
Why We Fail To Get What We Want

We asked our subscribers to tell us what has stopped them in the past from reaching their goals and getting what they want. Almost 10,000 people responded and the results were pretty eye opening. Here are the main reasons why four out of every five people don’t get what they want:

Some of those reasons are pretty closely related (like fear and lack of belief), so that when you boil it down, there are just a few reasons why people go through life yearning for a dream that seems light-years away.

What’s interesting about that list is that not a single one of them is related to your intelligence, educational level or your occupation. None of them have anything to do with how much money you have (or don’t have). Or where you live (or don’t live).

The solution to the main reasons people don’t reach goals is available to everyone who can read this page. And with it, they can achieve virtually any goal they can dream of.

The solution is the Champions Club. And it has already helped people from around the globe reach goals that once seemed unreachable. The Champions Club is for those who want to achieve at "quantum-leap" levels – who need something more. They need the follow up, accountability and guidance that a good coach or mentor can deliver.

Birds of a Feather DO Flock Together!
Come Fly With Champions!

If you want to be successful, you need successful, supportive friends.  You need to expand and improve who your inner circle is.

So this is your chance to be on the inside for once, to flock with a bunch of Champions!

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The Champions Club is the best business investment I've ever made...For example, my company’s gross revenue tripled in 2014 and is on track to triple again in 2015. The number of my webinar subscribers increased from 1800 to 9000.

Joseph Peck, M.D.
Joseph Peck, M.D. Founder,

I set some very BIG financial goals and have met them all. I wanted to double my income, but I am on target to tripling it...I have paid off all my debt with the exception of my home mortgage, but am now on the way to having it paid off in five years.

Conrad Toner, CFP CLU
Conrad Toner, CFP CLU Founder,

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